Monday, July 8, 2013

Voltage Divider, Charge Divider, Current Divider?

The Voltage Divider is a very simple circuit, accompanied by a simple equation. But, did you know this equation isn't limited to just a couple of resistors in series?

The picture can do all the talking:

I noticed this while studying for my AP Physics exam (which I got a 5 on, I happily note). I figured, V = I*R and Q = V*F are such similar equations--why can't the voltage divider equation apply to capacitors?

Resistors in series are analogous to capacitors in parallel (both properties, resistance and capacitance, respectively, add in these configurations), and vice versa (both are the inverses of the sums of the inverses of the respective properties in those configurations).

And I wondered if somehow I could use a ratio for resistors in parallel, and capacitors in series. I can.

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