Monday, April 22, 2013

iPad Retina a Computer?

Well, it's a small world isn't it? Someone has already beat me to it :P

Anyway, this is my take on it

 This display is at 100% zoom. Look how tiny that Wikipedia logo is!

Upside-down. Nothing some good software can't handle though!

The full setup.
The logic voltage is 3V3, and I'm driving all of the LEDs in parallel (I know, it's bad practice) with 24 Volts and 16K Pot (measured to be around 100 Ohms) in serial.

Thanks to:
My dad for buying the parts, instilling my love for electronics in me, and supporting me all the way
OSH Park for supplying the PCBs (highly recommend them)
Apple for commissioning LG to make the panels
VESA for standardizing everything, making it super easy to do this

I must say, there is a point of vanishing returns for amount of screens attached to one computer o.o

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