Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I use

A useful tool that every aspiring EE should have. (I got this for my Christmas present from my older brother :D .)

My messy work desk, complete with a conveniently placed extension cord, a computer power supply, an old vcr for parts, and my EE tools.

And, finally, my EE tools. Going counter-clockwise: soldering iron, soldering gun, solder, exacto knife, pliers, multimeter, wire strippers, steel wool (to clean the soldering iron and gun), hot glue gun, third hand, and, of course, wires.


Hello, World. My name is Henry Choi. As of this posting (2/27/12), I am a Junior in high school.

I am an aspiring Electrical Engineer, and through this blog, I hope to archive my projects and works. Also, as one may assume from this overly formal introduction, its purpose is not only to archive my projects, but perhaps someone else in the world will find this blog useful or fun to read.

This is my first time blogging, so I hope I don't cause too much grief for someone reading this.